FAST-INK Viscometer

With no moving parts, the FAST system is the perfect choice for extreme demands such as paints, inks, and coatings. 


The Brookfield FAST101 system has a rugged design with nonmoving parts.  It has been designed to perform day after day under the extreme demands in printing, coating and adhesive operations - with no maintenance.  Utilizing a high frequency, micro-rotational core, which is unaffected by press vibration, this worry-free system can measure and control the viscosity of your inks, coatings, and adhesives from start to finish...allowing the operators to handle other press concerns.

In-Line Process Viscometers / FAST-INK Viscometer / Brookfield

    • The unique micro rotational sensor
    • No moving parts, no maintenance
    • Unaffected by external vibration
    • Flexible vertical or horizontal installation
    • True temperature readings to 200°C
    • Maintains correct color throughout the process
    • Compact: only 8.5 inches tall
    • Worldwide support