RC Series Hot Plate

Single-position and two-position heating plates with aluminum top and temperature regulation.

Hot Plate / RC Series / Velp

  • Excellent Performance

    • Uniform heat distribution with coated aluminum alloy heating plate
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • Maximum temperature 370 °C
    • Accepts up to 15 liter flasks (Ø 155 mm hotplate)

    Simple & Practical

    • Control panel is IP 42 protected from liquid spills with run-off groove (RC only)
    • Choice of mains voltage / frequency model

    Ergonomic Design

    • Inclined control panel for easy access and visibility (RC)
    • Control panel shielded against spillage (RC 2)
    • AluBlocks™ maximize temperature control & save handling time (RC only)
    • Run different tubes by combining AluBlocks™ (RC only)