OV5 Homogenizer

The ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing and mixing biological tissues (cells, animal and vegetable tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products.

Homogenizer / OV5 / Velp

  • Versatile Homogenizer

    • One shaft for all applications
    • Selection of rotors and stators to match the application
    • Stirring volume up to 8 liters (water) as homogenizer
    • Stirring volume up to 40 liters (water) as high speed mixer
    • Handles fluids up to 10 000 mPa*s (cP)
    • Speed variable from 10 000 to 30 000 rpm

    Convenient Operation

    • Shaft connects easily and quickly through a snap hook
    • Rotor / stator configuration can be assembled in seconds

    Robust Design

    • Stainless steel shaft with PTFE seals
    • Overload protection
    • Smooth start and safety switch