ARE-6 Advanced Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer

Versatile hot plate stirrer with a powerful motor, enhanced magnet coupling and excellent resistance to chemicals, hot top warning, and safety heating switch. 

Heating Magnetic Stirrers / Advanced Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer / Velp

  • Superior Safety Features

    • The luminous safety heating switch prevents unintentional heat up
    • The illuminated hot top icon informs the operator when the top plate temperature is above 50°C
    • Resistant die-cast housing (IP 42) for maximum protections of the internal part of the instrument.
    • The stirring speed ramps up gently avoiding spillages risks
    • The optional and tailor-made Silicon Protective Cover protects the stirrer from spillage damages
    • The AREX-6 is designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty.

    Engineered for Performances & Usability

    • The aluminum alloy plate ensures optimum heat transfer
    • Accurate plate temperature control up to 370°C
    • Extremely powerful brushless motor able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm
    • The torque compensation technology SpeedServo™ maintains the rpm constant as viscosity changes
    • The new Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees superior peripheral stirring
    • Accepts up to 20 liter flasks