GBBT-2 Glass Bottle Burst Tester

(Explosion Tester for Glass Bottle – Dual Stations)

The GBBT-2 is an instrument for testing the internal pressure resistance of glass containers. It has been widely used by the glass container manufacturers and users. As a standard testing instrument for the glass container industry, it offers an important technical reference to the manufacturers for maintaining or improving the product quality and performance.

Designed for easy operation and maintenance, comply with the testing standard of ISO 7458:2004.

The pressure test of containers is made up to a predefined pressure point (trial test) or until destruction.

Glass Bottle Burst Tester / GBBT-2 /AT2E

    • The dual station which is more efficient and convenient for uninterrupted test
    • PLC integrated & Touch screen control
    • User-defined test cycle (up to 4 steps of pressure and holding time) satisfies different test request
    • Automatic clamping and filling system
    • Easy operation
    • Easy sample installing, with auto clamping and water filling system
    • Linear pressurization
    • Can store 10 operators and 30 products
    • A user defines the product lot number and sequence number
    • Reviews the real-time testing curve
    • Stainless steel design ensures the durability of the tester
    • Advanced safe door design ensures the safety of the operator during a test.
    • Special trash bin design makes the glass trash collection easily.
    • RS232 output
    • Can be connected to either printer or software