Gas analyser for O2 measurements MAT1100

Fast measurement of O2 concentration with EC-cell

The MAT1100 is the right choice whenever you only need to be concerned with the oxygen concentration or whenever only nitrogen is used. Its electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) measures within the range of 0.5 and 35 volume per cent and with an accuracy of ±0.2 volume per cent. Unlike our other models, the MAT1100 requires very little time to heat up and can therefore be quickly used for occasional measurement or in case of frequent “changes of location”.

Gas analyser for O2 measurements / MAT1100 / Kruess

    • Easy and intuitively to use via touch-screen – even by untrained personnel
    • Low-drift electrochemical oxygen cell (EC)
    • Short measurement period
    • Only a small sample volume required
    • Very short warm-up time <10 s
    • Interface package for convenient transfer of measured values (USB, Ethernet, RS-232)


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