Gas analyser for highly accurate O2 measurements MAT1400

For high O2 concentrations and high sample volume

The zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) of the MAT1400 measures the oxygen concentration over the entire measurement range between 0 and 100 volume per cent. Especially in case of a very low concentration, it will achieve an excellent accuracy of ±0.001 volume per cent. The MAT1400 is therefore suitable for the inspection of oxygen-free as well as oxygen-rich modified atmospheres. It can also be used in the cold storage room from ambient temperatures of 10 °C.

Gas analyser for highly accurate O2 measurements / MAT1400/ Kruess

    • Easy and intuitively to use via touch-screen – even by untrained personnel
    • Low-drift zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) in the measuring range from 0 to 100 vol.-%
    • Short measurement period
    • Only a small sample volume required
    • Interface package for convenient transfer of measured values (USB, Ethernet, RS-232)
    • Any number of measurement methods for the monitoring of the measurement process according to method, batch, product and/or production line incl. limit value monitoring


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