Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7100

Hitachi' s Superior Fluorescence Technology has created a new generation of fluorescence spectrometers.
F-7100 is the evolution of the robust and reliable F-7000 with the latest optical technology and improved analytical performance.

  • "Best-in-Class" Analytical Signal-to-Noise
  • Ultra-Fast Scanning
  • 2,500hr Long lifetime light source
  • Compact design
  • Multiple accessories

With the highest level for 3D fluorescence spectra, F-7100 can be used in a wide range of applications from the cutting edge research to quality control: Applications.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant software available.

    Fluorescence Spectrophotometer / F-7100 / Hitachi-VWR

      • Best-in-Class" Analytical Signal-to-Noise. 360 of S/N (P-P) and > 1,200 of S/N (RMS)
      • Industry-leading lamp lifetime

      • High-Speed Scan at 60,000 nm/min – Example of reaction tracing with a spectrum

      • FL intensity standardization to correct for fluorescence intensity variation over time and between instruments