Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7000

Compact system capable of performing many new functions such as sensitivity (S/N 800:RMS) and ultra high-speed (60,000 nm/min) at the highest level of its class.
The application of fluorophotometry has been expanded to various fields such as industrial materials, in areas such as organic electroluminescence and liquid crystals; environment-related areas, such as water quality analysis; pharmaceutical manufacturing, such as the synthesis and development of a fluorescence reagent; and to biotechnology-related areas, such as intracellular calcium concentration measurement.

    Fluorescence Spectrophotometer / F-7000 / Hitachi-VWR

      • The highest sensitivity at S/N 800 (RMS) (S/N 250 Peak to Peak) in its class
      • The fastest ultra high-speed scan at 60,000 nm/min in its class
      • Compact design with a volume ratio of 2/3 and 30% reduced mass (weight) compared to F-4500
      • 3D time change measurement mode capable of following time changes at multiple wavelengths
      • Expanded measuring time range enabling measurement of long-lasting phosphorescence
      • Continuously variable voltage photomultiplier with a sixth order dynamic range important for the analysis of unknown samples
      • Expanded setting time of "time scan" capable of following changes 2.5 times longer than before
      • Software capable of addressing the FDA Part 11, which is becoming essential in pharmaceuticals
      • Report generator offered as optional software for customization in a free format after data processing
      • The potential of the new fluorescence analysis has expanded in a wide range of fields such as industrial material, environmental, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields