Fluid Bed Dryer FBD 2000

The Fluid Bed Dryer FBD 2000 is a compact, portable dryer. Its powerful air delivery system makes drying a very fast operation. 

The fluidisation mixes and separates the particles, minimising the risk of abrasion and the creation of lumps and resulting in a truly representative sample. The comprehensive set of controls makes it ideal for use in the laboratory on a wide selection of materials. 

High airflow rates of the fluid bed dryer provide an excellent transfer of heat and ensure much faster and more homogeneous drying than other methods such as ovens, microwaves or vacuum drying. 

Fluid Bed Dryer / FBD 2000 / Endecotts

    • Fast - Drying times range from a few seconds to minutes
    • Efficient - High rates of heat transfer ensure faster and more homogeneous drying than oven, microwave or vacuum drying.
    • Versatile - Suitable for most granular and powder materials
    • Reproducible results - Precise controls ensure uniform and reproducible results
    • Easy to use - Manageable controls with straightforward settings gases to escape