Fluid aspiration system BVC professional G

The BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC professional serves for aspiration and disposal of biological fluids, providing outstanding levels of comfort and safety for working with biological and biohazardous materials. A non-contact sensor monitors the liquid level in the collection bottle electronically and prevents overfilling. A disinfection routine allows the suction of disinfectants through aspiration hand set and tubing after switching off the pump, and so supports demanding safety protocols. The BVC professional with 4l PP bottle with self-closing quick couplings minimizes risk in transporting hazardous waste and of contamination in the workplace. The version with coated 2l borosilicate glass bottle allows you to work with aggressive disinfectants like chlorine bleach.

Fluid aspiration Systems / BVC professional G / Vacuubrand

    • with all the advantages of the BVC control
    • non-contact sensor for electronic monitoring of the liquid level in the collection bottle
    • disinfection routine for the suction tubing for drawing in disinfectant after switching off the pump
    • self-closing quick couplings (as accessory to the BVC professional G) for convenient and safe bottle change, e.g., for work with biohazards
    • for professional work and a perfect fit for required safety protocols