JLT Series Flocculators

Flocculators with multiple stirrers to allow standard conditions to be met during analysis, a basic requirement in order to obtain reliable and repeatable results.

Flocculators / JLT Series / Velp

  • Standardized Control

    • Digitally selectable speed from 10 to 300 rpm
    • Microprocessor controlled operating time for unattended operation
    • Identical speed and time for all positions for comparable results
    • Reliable and repeatable results from VELP stirring quality
    • Precise speed from an electronically controlled DC gear motor

    Practical Operation

    • Choice of 4- or 6-place models
      JLT 4, 4-position jar tester
      JLT 6, 6-position jar tester
    • High visibility LED displays for speed and time
    • Illuminated back panel to simplify sample observation
    • Stirring rods adjustable in height without tools

    Robust Design

    • Strong resistance to chemical and mechanical corrosion