Flame photometer - Automatic unit without dilution FP8000

Fully automatic measurement

Laboratory version supplemented by a rotation sampler with up to 72 sample positions. Once programmed, the FP8600 automatically measures up to 72 samples in one run. Especially control laboratories and testing offices benefit from this independent operation. With the models of the FP8000 series, A.KRÜSS Optronic presents to this day unique measuring devices for the simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Ca and Li. Five measuring channels are available for this, which can be individually configured. Thanks to proven measuring methods and modern device electronics, our flame photometers achieve high-precision and reproducible measurement results and are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to analysis techniques such as ICP or AAS.

Flame photometer - Automatic unit without dilution / FP8600 / Kruess

    • Reliable, simultaneous measurement of up to five alkaline and alkaline earth elements
    • Automatic operation for high sample volumes
    • Sample delivery without dilution
    • Little care needed by the user
    • Very high precision
    • Maximum operational safety through intelligent security mechanisms
    • User administration with two authorization levels
    • Full traceability of the measurement results
    • Extensive interfaces and convenient data transfer
    • Compliance with international standards such as GMP / GLP and 21 CFR Part 11


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