Biosart® 250 Filtration Funnels

The Biosart® 250 Funnel has been specifically designed for microbiological and analytical quality assurance. Biosart®250 are sterile funnels which allow fast filtration in routine microbiological analysis of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, water, food and beverages and other liquids. The large inner diameter ensures a high flow rate and the conical form allows for thorough rinsing. No liquid remains in the funnel.

Filtration Funnels / Biosart® 250 / Sartorius

    • High total throughput
    • High flow rate
    • Sterile, individually, sterile packaged available
    • Use a new, sterile funnel for each test in order to avoid cross contamination
    • No more holding of hot funnels
    • The complete filtration is visible
    • Ready to connect, easy to use and practical handling features
    • Minimal amount of equipment
    • Can be autoclaved to a limited extent