AT2E ER-1 Enamel Rater offers a fast and accurate method to measure the integrality of the internal coating of containers. A measuring will be started automatically when the electrical probe is inserted and contacts the solution inside the container.

The position of exposed metal can be detected visually by pressing the “REVERSE” button. Bubbles of gas come out on the exposed points. 

Enamel Rater / ER-1 /AT2E

    • Test the coverage of the enamel coating inside canned food, beverages, tubes, and aerosols as well as the different types of
    • Displays an index of the amount of metal exposed by incomplete enamel coverage.
    • Integrated 7” LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface offer the easy-operation.
    • Operator, product, sample & batch number can be memorized
    • RS 232 output.
    • Self-user
    • Detect the exposed position of metal.