Picus® NxT Electronic Pipette

  • Ergonomic, Efficient, and Safe
  • Comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of strain injuries
  • Conforms to the strictest lab regulations
  • Speeds up your work
  • Helps you to achieve accurate results time after time

Electronic Pipettes / Picus® NxT / Sartorius

    • Highest level of ergonomics provided by the uniquely low weight, light electronic tip ejection, and comfortable handle design
    • Extensive range of pipetting modes reduces the needed pipetting steps and speeds up work
    • Electronic brake and piston control system provides outstanding accuracy and repeatability of pipetting results, independent of the user
    • The intuitive user interface in five language options: English, French, German, Russian and Chinese, enables ease of use
    • Adjustment wheel offers extremely fast volume setting and menu navigation
    • Optiload enables perfect tip sealing for accurate delivery from each channel  
    • Safe-Cone Filters prevent the risk of contamination cost-effectively
    • Microwell plate tracker guides the user to pipette into the correct wells
    • Calibration adjustment in 1, 2 or 3 points