BT ETA TORQUE – Dynamometric Torque Bottle

AT2E’s BT ETA TORQUE is built in with special mechanism permitting to avoid top load influence on the measurement. It’s also built in a high-speed electronic reading of measurements. The device can be custom-made according to different bottle or can profile. Using with our BT ETA Measure software, it’s very convenient for users to save, manage and analyze the data. 

Dynamometric Torque Bottle / BT ETA TORQUE /AT2E

    • Digital display
    • Measures in opening and closing directions
    • Measuring range: 00.00 to 60.00
    • 2 Measuring modes (continue, peak)
    • Units: / Inch.lbs / N.m /
    • Accuracy: ± 0.5 % of full scale
    • Loading by USB (PC)
    • Delivered with COFRAC certificate
    • Transport case
    • 110 / 230 V – 50/60 Hz
    • Save up to 24 groups of data or 120 seconds of