Pass-through autoclaves. Systec H-series 2D 90-1580L

The Systec H-Series 2D double-door/pass-through autoclaves of the performance category HX can be used for all laboratory applications, even for sophisticated sterilization processes and are available in 13 different sizes with 90 to 1580 liters chamber volume. All additional optional accessories can be fitted to obtain validatable processes. For use under the most stringent clean room and safety conditions: For biological safety laboratories, e.g. fitting as a sterilization and pass-through lock for protecting the external environment, for clean rooms in laboratories and production facilities as a sterilization and pass-through lock separating sterile and non-sterile areas.

Double-Door Pass-through Autoclave / H-series / Systec

    • One door only can be opened at a time. If one door is open,  the other is automatically locked.  
    • If the autoclave is switched off or if no current is available  (e.g. power failure), both doors remain locked. 
    • If the door at the non-sterile side is opened, a sterilization program has to be performed before the door at the sterile  side can be opened.