Refractometer DR6200-TF for semi-automatic sample feeding

Powerful all-rounder: the DR6000-T

As a standard, the refractometer models DR6000-T and DR6000-TF are equipped with a Peltier element that controls the temperature of the sample up to 80 °C. There are four different models available for different requirements on accuracy, resolution and measurement range whereby you can access the same operation and functionality. 

Digital Refractometers with peltier temperature control / Kruess

    • Measurement of turbid or highly viscous samples
    • With highly accurate internal Peltier temperature control
    • Preinstalled and freely definable scales with conversions based on tables or formulas
    • Chemical-resistant materials such as measurement prism made of sapphire, measuring tray made of stainless steel
    • Intuitive operation via touch-screen display
    • Complete data recording and backup including audit trail
    • Flexible data export
    • Compliance with global standards and norms


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