Hanson Research has worked with EMD Millipore to develop a special dosage wafer for the Hanson Vertical Diffusion Cell (VDC) to accommodate the EMD Millipore Strat-M® membrane. This synthetic, non-animal based model for transdermal diffusion testing is predictive of diffusion in human skin without lot-to-lot variability, safety, and storage requirements.

    Diffusion with Start-M membrane / Teledyne Hanson

    • Diffusion through Strat-M® membrane is predictive of diffusion through human skin for a wide range of substances:

      1. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
      2. Cosmetic actives
      3. Formulations
      4. Personal care products
      5. Pesticides
      6. Chemicals

      In most cases, Strat-M® membrane correlates more closely to human skin than do animal skin models commonly used for in vitro screening of transdermal formulations. And because it is a synthetic test model with low variability and no special storage or hydration requirements, Strat-M® membrane simplifies experimental design and data analysis.