Diaphragm pump ME 4R NT (down to 70 mbar)

This one-stage diaphragm pump works as a vacuum generator and as well as a compressor. All parts in contact with pumped media are made of aluminum and selected plastics (PTFE diaphragms and valves). They enable a wide range of applications for non-corrosive gases. The inlet and outlet connections of the ME 4R NT are equipped with regulator valves for vacuum and overpressure, respectively. Both the compression pressure and vacuum level can be adjusted. Inlet vacuum level and outlet pressure are indicated by manometers.

Diaphragm pumps / ME 4R NT / Vacuubrand

    • contamination-free pumping, evacuation, and compression
    • high flow rate even near ultimate vacuum
    • adjustment of outlet pressure and vacuum level with regulator valves
    • very low vibration
    • exceptionally long diaphragm life and maintenance-free drive system for low lifetime costs