Diaphragm pump (down to 70 mbar)

Vacuum filtration is one of the most common applications used for sample preparation in chemistry, microbiology, waste water control and other analytical processes. The ME 1 diaphragm pump offers a compact, high performance and easy-to-use solution which is perfect for single port filtrations. These oil-free diaphragm pumps provide a well-proven and extraordinarily long diaphragm life time with typically 15,000 operating hours. The functional, space saving and innovative design with visible top mounted power switch ensures convenient and quick operation for day to day lab work. The PTFE diaphragm and valves are rugged and provide high chemical resistance. An optional manual regulator valve with dial gauge enables variable fine adjustment of the pumping speed and ultimate vacuum.

Diaphragm pumps / ME 1 / Vacuubrand

    • convenient, quick and simple to use due to the new top mounted power switch
    • whisper quiet and very low vibration
    • requires minimal benchtop space
    • maintenance-free drive system and proven long diaphragm life
    • wetted materials: PTFE, aluminum