VARIO® diaphragm pump MD 4 VARIO select (down to 1.5 mbar)

This three-stage diaphragm pump is an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of non-corrosive gases to a vacuum level as deep as 1 mbar. All wetted parts are made of aluminum, stainless steel and carefully selected plastics suitable for a wide range of applications with non-corrosive gases. The MD 4 VARIO select continuously adapts its motor speed to hold the desired vacuum level. That means the pump is whisper-quiet and generates ultra-low vibrations, and has high leak tightness. The highly flexible fabric-reinforced double FKM diaphragm is ideal for extended operating life. The VARIO design includes the variable speed pump and the VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with an external gauge head. The demand-responsive motor speed control on VARIO models further extends the already long lifetimes of diaphragms and valves. 

Diaphragm pumps / MD 4 VARIO select / Vacuubrand

    • VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface and predefined applications simplifies work in the laboratory
    • extraordinary diaphragm life for minimum operational and servicing costs
    • contamination-free pumping and evacuation
    • excellent ultimate vacuum and TURBO·MODE for use as backing pump for turbo pumps