Diaphragm pump MD 12 NT (down to 1.5 mbar)

The MD 12 NT diaphragm pump is an especially powerful pump for oil-free evacuation and pumping of nonaggressive gases. The three-stage design of this eight-cylinder pump provides an advantageous combination of very high pumping speed and excellent ultimate vacuum. The flow path consists of aluminum, stainless steel, and carefully selected plastics to permit a wide range of applications. The fabric-reinforced double diaphragms are made of highly flexible FKM for extended operating life and high vacuum performance. Eight-cylinder NT pumps feature quiet operation, with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces. Like all VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps, they operate absolutely oil-free and do not have any sliding components in the gas path. In normal operation, they are completely free of abrasion. This eliminates most of the particulate impurities frequently generated inside of scroll or piston pumps.  

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