Add-On Capability for Calibration of pH in ambr® Bioreactors

The analysis module provides add-on capability for measurement of pH in ambr® 15 and ambr® 250 high throughput bioreactors, for the purpose of initial bioreactor vessel pH sensor calibration and subsequent in-process re-calibration. The analysis module eliminates the operator time needed for manual pH sample transfer, measurement, data transfer and bioreactor pH sensor recalibration, by fully automating this process.

Multi-Parallel Bioreactors / ambr® analysis module / Sartorius

    • Improve pH control and culture performance with frequent, accurate pH sensor recalibration
    • Minimal user interaction enables more frequent pH checks and frees up scientist time
    • Small sample volume allows more frequent pH checks and/or more culture volume for other samples
    • Improves accuracy and consistency through full automation of sample handling and assay read
    • Heater sensor cell enables measurement temperature to match the culture temperature, improving measurement accuracy
    • Reduced CO2 outgassing effects and errors compared to manual offline samples
    • Reduce utilisation of offline pH analyser, increasing capacity for other assays
    • Compact size increases the ambr 15 system width by less than 25 cm