Gel Timer DV2T Instrument

The most popular Brookfield viscometer now measures gel time using unique magnetic coupling that attaches the glass rod to the instrument.  When gel time is reached, the display shows both gel time and equivalent viscosity value.  Glass rod is quickly and easily detached from the instrument.  Integrated temperature probe provides peak exotherm data if needed.

Gel Timer DV2T comes with magnetic coupling and glass rod, lab stands with adjustable stop for quickly positioning glass rod at proper immersion depth in the test sample, and temperature probe.  The test method can be run either manually or using program stored in the instrument memory.  Accuracy and reliability of Gel Timer DV2T make this instrument the preferred choice in QC for measuring gel coats, resins, and potting compounds.  Viscosity data generated during the test may also prove helpful for complete characterization of material flow behavior. 

Packs of 10 glass rods are available; use part number GT-1010.  Spare magnetic couplings can be retrofit to existing viscometers; use part number GT-2000.

Gel Timer Instruments / Gel Timer DV2T Instrument / Brookfield

    • Continuous torque sensing capability
    • Live display of real time data; gel time, temperature in °C or °F
    • Easy to use:
      • Glass rod fits snugly into the compression-fit coupling
      • Special stop on lab stand controls immersion depth of glass rod
      • Test runs automatically using time-to-torque feature
      • Quick disconnect for rod at conclusion of test