UTS-IP65i – Containment tablet testing system – OEB level 5.

The UTS-IP65i automatic tablet testing system is an add-on to washable tablet presses for WIP or WOL applications, for the processing of medium and high-potent products.

The system may be used in the following applications:

  • in conjunction with a tablet press
  • stand-alone with PC-software
  • online with PC-software


Containment tablet testing system / Charles Ischi AG

    • The UTS IP65i is the first unique fully washable, universal testing system launched, and available globally. The work/test area has protection rating IP65 and the cleaning process is fully controlled.
    • A possible wash concept after production of high potent drugs is to seal and disconnect the tester from the tablet press and move it to a washing area. Furthermore, the UTS-IP65i includes a special wash program which can be configured by the operator.


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