arium® comfort I combined water systems


The arium® comfort I delivers ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 3 pure water, all in one system. Directly connected to your potable feed water source, this system uses outstanding RO technology along with a unique ion-exchange cartridge to consistently deliver purified water of the highest quality. In addition, the intelligent iJust software optimizes your water usage and ensures time- and labor-saving operation.


The arium® comfort I is a combined system for producing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 3 pure water. This system features the latest reverse osmosis technology and a unique filter cartridge to deliver water of the highest reproducible quality.

The arium® comfort I consistently delivers reagent-grade ultrapure water at rates of up to 2 l/min. The quality of this water even exceeds ASTM Type 1 specifications. Moreover, arium®comfort I supplies Type 3 pure water at rates of 8 or 16 l/h.

Pure water produced by arium® comfort I is stored in the unique, closed arium® bagtank system, which reliably protects your purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures that you consistently obtain the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.

Combined Ultrapure Water Systems/ arium® comfort I / Sartori

    • The highest product water quality at all times
    • Optimized, lean and green water usage
    • Guaranteed longer life of downstream ultrapure water systems
    • Total ease of use
    • The lowest TOC level with a constant monitoring option
    • High system flexibility to meet your specific needs