Chemistry pumping unit PC 510 select (down to 7 mbar) 

Our PC 500-series chemistry pumping units of this series are an excellent choice for supporting electronically controlled evaporation or drying processes. Our popular MZ 2C NT two stage chemistry diaphragm pump is the heart of these pumping units, frequently used for medium-sized vacuum applications involving common solvents.
The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller provides an easy-to-use, application-based interface that covers all common lab applications. The VACUU·SELECT controller has you covered. Use manual set-point-control for simple processes, run distillations, or create your own application with simple drag-and-drop editing. For solvent evaporation, it detects the boiling pressure and switches to two-point control to hold pressure steady when a boiling point is detected. The inlet separator, made of glass with a robust protective coating, prevents particles and liquid droplets from entering the pump, preventing damage and extending pump life. And the exhaust vapor condenser allows for nearly complete recovery of solvents when used with a chilled water line or recirculating chiller for economical recycling and environmental protection.   

Chemistry diaphragm pumps / PC 510 select / Vacuubrand

    • VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface simplifies work in the laboratory
    • predefined applications save time and give reproducible results
    • easy-to-use application editor allows own process sequences
    • powerful vacuum pump with excellent chemical and condensate compatibility
    • excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery