VARIO® chemistry pumping unit PC 3012 NT VARIO DUO (down to 1.5 mbar)  

The VARIO® DUO pumping units are consisting of a combination of two individual VARIO® pumping units, connected in parallel on the suction side and driven synchronously by one vacuum controller CVC 3000. 
The vacuum is controlled accurately. The speed of the two individual pumps is exactly adjusted to the vacuum needs. The controller allows both fully automatic distillations without any user pre-settings as well as specific and reproducible program sequences. The integration into existing control systems via digital and analog interfaces is also possible. The consequent design to the highest chemical resistance provides the ideal prerequisite for universal use in chemistry and pharmacy - without any operating fluid such as water or oil.  

Chemistry diaphragm pumps / PC 3012 NT VARIO DUO / Vacuubrand

    • automatic adaptation of the vacuum level throughout the process for high process reliability and unattended operation
    • short process times due to powerful vacuum pump and accurate (hysteresis-free) vacuum control, even for large amounts of steam
    • removable vacuum controller CVC 3000, variable to arrange, easy to use with multilingual full-text menus, simply integratable by digital or analog interfaces
    • unmatched diaphragm life with minimal operating and maintenance costs
    • excellent environmental friendliness due to minimized energy consumption, no operating fluid needs (oil, water) and efficient solvent recovery