Chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 basic (down to 1.5 mbar) 

This very compact chemistry pumping unit is an excellent solution when working with high boiling solvents. Typical applications are vacuum generation for rotary evaporators, vacuum concentrators, and filtrations. With the continuously variable jog wheel, the pumping speed is manually adjustable to the process requirements. There are two optional kits available to easily upgrade the PC 3001 basic to the fully functional PC 3001 VARIOpro complete with CVC 3000 vacuum controller, inlet separator and vapor condenser at the outlet.

Chemistry diaphragm pumps / PC 3001 basic / Vacuubrand

    • outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance
    • high flow rate even at low vacuum
    • excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
    • continuously adjustable manual adaptation of pumping speed via jog wheel
    • upgradable to PC 3001 VARIOpro system with two accessory packages: Kit 1, with CVC 3000 and inlet separator; Kit 2, with emission condenser and catchpot