MV 10C NT (down to 0.6 mbar)  

Four-stage chemistry-design diaphragm pumps are an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapors and meet highest requirements. The four-stage design of the eight-cylinder pump MV 10C NT provides the advantageous combination of high pumping speed and very low ultimate vacuum of 0.9 mbar in a very compact design. All internal parts in contact with pumped media are made of chemically resistant fluoroplastics. Well-proven PTFE sandwich diaphragms increase reliability and extend operating life. Upgraded with an exhaust waste vapor condenser (EK) the MV 10C NT +EK provides an excellent, environmentally friendly system with efficient solvent recovery. A separator for the inlet (AK) made of glass (with protective coating) against particles and liquid droplets is available as an optional accessory

Chemistry diaphragm pumps / MV 10C NT / Vacuubrand

    • outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance
    • reduced process time due to very high flow rates even close to ultimate vacuum
    • very low vibration and quiet
    • excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
    • excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery (on models with EK accessory)