Chemistry diaphragm pump MZ 2C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK (down to 7 mbar) 

This chemistry vacuum system provides the simultaneous operation of two processes with only one pump. Typical applications are rotary evaporators, vacuum concentrators, and vacuum drying ovens. Each vacuum connection is provided with a manual flow control valve to regulate the effective pumping speed. The separator at the inlet (AK), made of glass with a protective coating, retains particles and liquid droplets. The waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) is highly efficient and compact. The condenser enables near-100-percent solvent recovery, efficient recycling and active protection of the environment.  

Chemistry diaphragm pumps / MZ 2C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK / Vacuub

    • outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance
    • high performance even at low vacuum levels
    • optimized vacuum even with gas ballast for condensate purge
    • simultaneous operation of two independent vacuum applications, with reliable check valves to prevent interference between applications
    • excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery