Checkweigher with Combined Metal Detector

CoSynus® combines the high-performance Synus® checkweigher and the Vistus® metal search coil. It is used for determining the weight or for completeness checks, for regulating upstream filling systems and for simultaneous detection of metallic components. It is particularly applicable in the foodstuffs sector. The checkweigher and the metal detector are operated via a common terminal.

Checkweigher with combined metal detector/ CoSynus /Minebea Intec

    •  Checkweigher and metal detector operation via a common terminal
    • EMC weigh cell ensures the highest precision
    • Easy integration into your existing product line
    • Memory for 200 product types
    • Quick & easy table replacement via a  quick-release belt detensioning mechanism
    • Protection class IP54, IP65 optional
    • Optional trend controller to improve filling