Vivaspin® 15R Centrifugal Concentrators

4 - 15 ml
Available with modified regenerated cellulose membrane; Hydrosart®.


Vivaspin® 15R has all the unique features of the Sartorius centrifugal concentrators, including a patented vertical twin membrane and a dead stop. Vivaspin® 15R is targeting the volume segment of 2 to 15 ml with the Hydrosart® regenerated cellulose membrane. This membrane is ideal when extremely high recovery rate and very low adsorption is required, for example in applications such as concentration and desalting of immunoglobulin fractions.

Centrifugal Concentrators / Vivaspin® 15R / Sartorius

    • Highest recovery at low absorption (95-98%)
    • Extremely short concentration-time (30-fold in 15 min.)
    • Very small holdup volume (< 20 µl)
    • Crystal clear housing and volume graduations 
    • Vertical twin membrane for ultra-fast concentration
    • Safe sample concentration due to dead-stop volume