CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer

A versatile and cloud enabled elemental analyzer able to perform precise carbon and nitrogen analysis in 3-4 minutes. It is the ideal solution for high throughput offering complete safety to operators.

Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer / CN 802 / Velp

  • Productive

    • Flash determination of carbon and nitrogen content
    • Determination of TCTOC (after acidification), TICTN and Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
    • Automated analysis of preloaded samples (117 positions)
    • Totally unsupervised operation
    • Results produced 24/7/365


    • NDIR Detector (Non Dispersive Infrared) to detect Carbon concentration
    • LoGas™ TCD with no reference gas required, for Nitrogen content
    • Unmatched LOD: Carbon 0.01 mgC, Nitrogen 0.001 mg N (using He) or 0.01 mg N (using Ar)
    • RSD less than 0.5% with EDTA standard
    • Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
    • Leak tests (zone or total) ensure optimum performance


    • Operates with Argon and Helium as carrier gas without any hardware modification
    • Preinstalled methods with element selection (C,N and C/N)
    • Controllable from PC by the powerful CNsoft™ software
    • Clear and detailed reporting software
    • Data storable in multiple formats for LIMS or PC


    • Exceptionally low cost per analysis
    • Premium quality consumables
    • Low energy consumption with Stand-by and Sleeping mode
    • Lowest operator costs

    Environmentally Friendly

    • Minimum possible waste & residues
    • Optimized life of consumables
    • Incorporates TEMS™ technology*

    Cloud-Enabled Instrument

    • Real-time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
    • Effortlessly connect your CN 802 to the cloud in complete safety
    • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
    • Access to your data via PC, smartphone, and tablet 
    • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights