BOD Sensor BOD Analysis

Innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).


Stirring stations are designed for simple handling, ensuring the VELP stirring quality.
Up to 5 stirring stations with 6 positions (30 samples) or 3 stirring stations with 10 positions
(30 samples) can be placed in a VELP incubator (FOC 215E)

BOD Analysis / BOD Sensor / Velp

  • Precise Control

    • Measurement on scales of 90, 250, 600 and 999 ppm BOD
    • Higher values can be measured by diluting the sample
    • Models with stirring stations offer VELP stirring quality

    Extremely Practical

    • Fits directly on the bottle containing the sample
    • Automatically stores 5 BOD values at 24-hour intervals
    • Enables analysis to continue over the weekend
    • Results directly readable at any time, even after five days
    • Direct readout in mg/l (ppm)
    • Compact stirring stations

    Priority to Safety

    • IP 54 protection against particle and liquid ingress
    • Class 3 IEC 1010 conformity