Blood Plasma Freezer 

according to DIN 58375

All KIRSCH Blood Plasma Freezers are fitted with an automatic rapid defrosting system. The defrosting process is thermically monitored and temporarily limited. This prevents freezing of the interior and the temperature of the appliance’s contents is being kept constant in accordance with applicable regulations.

Blood Plasma Freezer / FROSTER-BL-178 / Kirsch

    • 3 aluminium drawers
    • Comfort controller
    • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing 
      regulation to maximize temperature stability
    • Battery for power failure alarm
    • Heated door frame
    • Re-circulating air-cooling
    • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
    • Rapid defrosting
    • Melt water evaporation
    • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
    • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
    • Optical and acoustical warning including power failure alarm
    • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
    • RS485 interface for computer based temperature documentation
    • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
    • Lockable door