Blood Bank Refrigerator

according to DIN 58371

In most of our blood bank fridge, an LED batten light fitting can be installed at an extra cost which guarantees that the interior is well-lit. We are also able to supply lockable glass doors, so you can look inside without having to open the door

Blood Bank Refrigerators / BL-720 / Kirsch

    • 5 aluminium drawers
    • Castors
    • Comfort controller
    • Microprocessor controlled
      temperature and thawing 
      regulation to maximize 
      temperature stability
    • Battery for power failure alarm 
    • Re-circulation air-cooling
    • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
    • Rapid defrosting
    • Melt water evaporation
    • Drawers height-adjustable
    • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
    • Easily accessible control panel with key switch
    • Minimum/Maximum temperature memory
    • Optical and acoustical warning including power failure alarm
    • Saftey control device prevents freezing
    • Potential free contact and interface RS-485
    • Lockable door