Blood Bank Refrigerator

according to DIN 58371

The blood bank fridge BL-100 can be installed normally and also in an undercounter-type installation. Door coupling fittings or decorative frames are available at an extra cost. When the device is being installed as a stand-alone unit we can optionally supply a matching tabletop.

Blood Bank Refrigerators / BL-100 / Kirsch

    • 2·drawers
    • Undercounter type
    • Comfort controller
    • Micro-processor controlled
      temperature and thawing 
      regulation to maximize 
      temperature stability
    • Battery for power failure alarm  
    • Re-circulation air-cooling
    • Automatic defrosting
    • Melt water evaporation
    • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
    • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
    • Optical and acoustical warning signal including power failure alarm
    • Minimum/Maximum temperature memory
    • Saftey control device prevents freezing
    • Potential free contact and interface RS485
    • Low-noise compressor
    • Lockable door