Binocular microscopes MBL2000 series - Transmitted light microscopes

The robust all-rounder

Robust and universal. This model is ideal for general microscopy in laboratories, schools and universities. The MBL2000 offers an extensive range of add-on options: For example, with phase-contrast setting, a dark-field condenser, micrometre setup, planachromatic objectives and additional eyepieces. A binocular optical head offers inclined viewing and interocular adjustment. A wide range of accessories is available for all models.

Binocular microscopes / MBL2000 / Kruess

    • Dioptre compensation with compensation scale
    • Sturdy metal stand
    • Coarse and fine focussing, double coaxial (0–200 μm, division 2 μm), coarse and fine focussing range: 30 mm
    • Right-side coarse focussing knob with fast focus adjustment, left-sided knob with quick-focus setting
    • Graduated XY cross table with coaxial operation
    • Low-voltage illumination with lighting control and removable pre-condenser
    • Twin-lens Abbe condenser: NA 1.25
    • Iris diaphragme
    • Pivoting filter holder
    • Height adjustment
    • Glass filters: blue, yellow, green
    • Power supply: 230 V (115 V optional)


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