ML-BFS Self-Adhesive Linear Machine

Created specifically for the BFS container handling, it grants simplicity and reliability.

The ML-BFS range has been designed to guarantee the labelling, inspections and data management necessary to fulfil the requirements of each client.
High technology for the application of self-adhesive labels, product inspections, OCR / OCV prints.
We highlight its curved finish and the diaphanous space that remains when opening its doors, facilitating the maintenance and cleaning.


BFS / Self-Adhesive Linear Machine / ETIMA

    • System integrations of: artificial vision or inspection, marking or Track & Trace systems.
    • NOVEXX labelling heads.
    • Traceability matrix.
    • Services: FDS – Function and Design Specifications. FAT / SAT protocols, IQ / OQ qualification.FDS – Function and Design Specifications.