One for All - the Platform Cultivation Vessel for All BIOSTAT® Benchtop Bioreactors

Benefit from the new design and the backward compatibility - all existing probes, dip tubes, spargers and impellers fit also into the new UniVessel® Glass. Get in contact with your local Sartorius representative and learn more about the new features - e.g. dishwasher proof stirrer shaft, glass vessel fixation for cleaning or for perfusion applications a special version with a bottom drain.

Benchtop Bioreactors / UniVessel® Glass / Sartorius

    • Reliability: Decades of experience making the UniVessel® Glass the most reliable autoclavable cultivation vessel on the market.
    • Continuity: Compatible with all BIOSTAT® benchtop bioreactors dating back to 2004. Dimensions and characteristics are untouched compared to the predecessor UniVessel® Glass, avoiding redundancy in historical data.
    • Ease of use: Speed up cleaning with the dishwasher proof stirrer shaft and benefit from the new handling concept.
    • Configurability: More options for more flexibility in process development and characterization. The UniVessel® Glass creates a greater design space for you.