The Industry Standard Bioreactor for Advanced Process Optimization and Characterization

The BIOSTAT® B-DCU is a fermenter | bioreactor specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of process optimization and characterization in the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry. It provides enhanced functionality and an unrivalled level of options for cell culture and microbial processes making it the ideal scale-down model for your large scale process.

Benchtop Bioreactors / BIOSTAT® B-DCU / Sartorius

    • Advanced sensor and software integration Reveal more information about your process and increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Facilitate development of advanced, automated process control strategies to improve titer and quality, and to reduce human error.
    • Broad range of process control strategies Mimic your large scale process control approach and generate representative data. Benefit from our fully flexible aeration and feeding options.
    • Connectivity to supervisory systems Easily connect your BIOSTAT® B-DCU to our BioPAT® MFCS or third party supervisory software like DeltaV™. Straightforward integration into existing automation infrastructure provides you with data consistency across scales and throughout the entire development process.
    • Industry standard technologies Reliable technologies ensure hassle-free process optimization and characterization. Benefit from decades of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.
    • Save valuable bench space by equipping your BIOSTAT® B-DCU with up to six bioreactor stations that are controlled independently from each other. Benefit from interchangebility of our UniVessel® Glass and UniVessel® SU.