Systec Mediaprep Media Preparators Compact Solution

Automatic media preparators (nutrient media preparators and nutrient media sterilizers) optimized for the preparation, sterilization and sterile filling of liquids, such as agar culture media, peptone water and buffer solutions or other sterile liquid media.

Systec Mediaprep Compact Solution 

Available in three different sizes for 10 to 30 liters of media.

Automatic Media Preparators Mediaprep / Compact Solution / Systec

    • Simple and safe handling These particularly compact media preparators can be positioned anywhere.
    • The smallest vessel even fits on the laboratory bench.
    • Both of the two larger vessels are on rollers with locking brakes for transportable use.
    • The touch display for operation, positioned at the front, is clearly legible and easy to reach.
    • Quickly heated, rapidly cooled Powerful heating elements ensure rapid heating.
    • An integrated compressor provides the necessary support pressure which prevents the medium from foaming or over-boiling.
    • Magnetic stirrer, an inner container, temperature-interlocked dispensing nozzles and bushings for filling and supplying additives.