UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

Fully automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer (distillation unit with integrated colorimetric titrator), for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein determination, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction/Devarda), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides, and alcohol content. 

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer / UDK 159 / Velp

  • Automated Operation

    • Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition
    • Not necessary to set distillation time when titrating
    • Incorporates an AOAC recommended colorimetric titrator
    • Selectable steam generation output level 10% – 100%
    • Auto removal of residues from titrator & sample tube

    High Tech

    • 6 inch color touch screen
    • Library of 55 programs (31 pre-defined, 24 customizable)
    • Choice of 6 languages – from a wide range downloadable
    • Balance, mouse & printer connections
    • No loss of nitrogen: distillate temperature stays below threshold
    • Accurate dosing of reagents with high precision pumps

    Versatile Data Handling

    • Multiple data interfaces: Ethernet, USB and RS 232C
    • On-board archiving of data including from balance
    • Data exporting to pen drive or PC in .xls format
    • Data manipulation software can be user preferred

    Outstanding Reliability

    • Maintenance-free, resistant, patented steam generator
    • Patented titanium condenser for unmatched performance
    • Durable technopolymer splash head
    • Chemically-resistant technopolymer housing

    Operator Safety

    • Lever operation simplifies tube insertion / removal (all sizes)
    • Protection screen for distillation chamber
    • Drip tray collects splashes
    • Zero pressure steam generator

    Ecology & Standards

    • Performs to AOAC, EPA, DIN and ISO standards
    • Incorporates TEMS™ technology*
      Automated water supply control reduces consumption


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