ACE Preparative HPLC Columns

Chromatographers with experience in preparative HPLC know that resolution and loadability are of the utmost importance. 

The greater the resolution, the higher the sample load and the faster the pure compound is obtained. The ability to optimize resolution at the preparative scale means starting with high-performance separations at the analytical scale.

The same features that make ACE ultra-inert base deactivated analytical columns the choice of method development chemists also make them the ideal choice for scale-up and process methods.

ACE Preparative HPLC Columns / ACE-Hichrom

    • Ultra high purity base deactivated silica
    • 5, 10 and 15μm particle sizes available
    • Fully validated columns
    • Exceptional reproducibility
    • Excellent efficiencies
    • High sample recovery
    • Excellent column lifetime
    • 100Å and 300Å pore sizes