ACE Capillary & Nano

In addition to the extensive range of analytical (1.0-4.6mm i.d.) through to preparative (21.2-50mm i.d.) columns, ACE columns are now available in capillary (500μm and 300μm) and nano (100μm and 75μm) dimensions.ACE capillary and nano columns are available with all ACE bonded phase chemistries in both 100Å and 300Å pore sizes. The same features that make ACE ultra-inert base deactivated columns the choice of method development chemists also make them the ideal choice for capillary and nano HPLC applications.

ACE Capillary and Nano / ACE-Hichrom

    • Capillary (500μm and 300μm) and nano (100μm and 75μm) dimensions
    • Wide range of bonded phases available
    • 100Å and 300Å pore sizes
    • High efficiency, long lifetime and guaranteed reproducibility
    • LC/MS and LC/MS/MS applications