ACE Excel

ACE Excel UHPLC Columns are designed to take full advantage of low dispersion, ultra-high pressure UPLC® & UHPLC instruments, the introduction of ACE Excel UHPLC columns gives chromatographers more choices to achieve better results.


ACE Excel UHPLC reusable column connectors are recommended as a universal fitting suitable for connecting columns to all UPLC and UHPLC systems

ACE 90Å -100Å/ ACE Excel / ACE-Hichrom

    • Fully compatible with all commercial UPLC and UHPLC instruments
    • Brings renowned ACE HPLC columns’ advantages to UHPLC columns
    • Delivers a high level of reliability and ruggedness
    • Offers easy scalability from UHPLC to HPLC to preparative HPLC
    • Provides users of UPLC/UHPLC with additional choices in stationary phases, including the powerful C18-AR and C18-PFP phases