AMTG-2 Accurate Magnetic Thickness Gauge

The “AMTG-2” is a portable feeler gauge. It is used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials, such as plastic, glass, ceramic, aluminum, titanium, copper, etc… The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the shape of the samples.

It’s designed based on the method of the Hall Effect. Simple and rapid measure as below: 

  • Place the steel ball on one side of the sample and the probe on the opposite side
  • Move the sample and let the probe to be the tested position
  • The steel ball will be drawn by the probe automatically
  • The Hall Effect sensor on the probe measures the distance between the probe tip and the steel ball

Accurate Magnetic Thickness Gauge / AMTG-2 /AT2E

    • Non-destructive measure
    • High resolution 7” touching screen
    • Dynamic display: measuring value / graph / date / hour / battery life
    • Full aluminum frame
    • Fast and accurate measurement of the thickness
    • Achieving accurate thickness measurements corners, small radius, and some irregular shape.
    • Display real-time measurement value
    • and Min. mode: Automatic capture of the maximum or minimum value
    • Value difference function: Display the value difference between present value and actual measured value 
    • “CYCLE” function: Record the Max, Min, Average value & Graph during a predefined time. “Delayed start & Auto-stop” function frees the hands of the operator and it’s convenient for large-size sample measuring.
    • Alarm function: Programmable, warns the high or low preset value by sound or visual indication
    • Password function enables the safety of the calibration data and measuring data.
    • Can store 9999 measurement data